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Yoga Teacher/Fitness Coach/ Community Builder/Marketing Lover

Hi! I'm Briana, owner of Grand Yoga, LLC. and this site that you're on! Thank you for checking us out. Your support means so much!




 I believe that anything is possible and in the power of community. I've had this love for community for so long and I'm thankful for the opportunity to dedicate my life to it now. 

After dealing with back pain after a car crash when I was 17, I started doing Yoga my senior year at ECU every day to find relief. During this healing process I fell in love with Yoga and decided to dedicate my life to sharing this healing practice. Two months before my graduation, I met Brandy Kaeshoefer, who is now a wonderful inspiration, mentor, and biz partner to me. Grand Yoga started as an idea for a place to bring more modern Yoga to Ada, between the two of us. Within weeks we started the Grand Yoga Club at the beautiful location of The Grandview on Main Street Ada. From here we started hosting events like  Happy Hour Yoga and other community events, while growing a connected community. I still had this passion for the business world, so when the opportunity came to start doing Yoga classes in the corporate setting I decided to make this passion official and file for my LLC. This work is what I love.


After a full year of working out for long hours and eating "healthy", I was frustrated that I wasn't getting the results I had aggressively been worked towards. Until one day I found myself in front of a personal trainer saying "I'm never going to have the kind of results with my body that I truly want, and I'm just going to have to accept this". I felt defeated and like I had no reason to push myself anymore. I had started to lose hope in my fitness journey.

This was until the trainer gave me a meal plan that fit MY needs/preferences  (a "not diet" diet lol) and guided me through my entire fitness process - and  eventually, into my transformation. My coaching continued through text when I went back to college in the Fall and I was so grateful for the support as I finally reached my fitness body goals! 

This moment made me feel that all of my effort was worth it and I felt more free  and energized than ever.


Accomplishing this goal make me feel more alive than ever. With my focus off of my insecurities, I directed my attention to what really matters - nutrition. 

Our nutrition is everything and has the biggest impact on our life.

I believe in the power of health & fitness, and I believe in changing lives.

This is why I've decided to commit myself to the service of others and give my students all of the support they need to truly take control & sculpt their own life.

- Thank you for connecting with me and I hope to meet you on your mat!

From your yoga teacher,

Bri 🍎🖤


Photos taken by Chrystal Vanhorn Photography  www.crystalvanhorn.co/
at The Grandview venue www.grandviewbldg.com