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Sculpt a Healthy Mind + Body   

Comprehensive & Personalized Online Fitness Training  

Hi there!

I'm your fitness coach & Yoga teacher, Briana.

I help high performing professionals transform their health and gain Energy ⚡️

My determination to be in a state of overall wellness has challenged me to create The 12-Week Sculpt Yoga  Academy - Through Comprehensive Coaching, I will inspire you in a dynamic and clear way to change your body on a biological level through your nutrition, build strength and experience the healing benefits of  Yoga. 

*Included: The Root Cause

Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan by

Dr. Carmen Jones ND. & Live talks about The Importance of Gut Health.

Want more info?

Brent's First Big Cut -  Down 30lbs in 12 Weeks


On a scale from 1-10

1 being not important at all and 10 being it's very important to reach these goals

On a scale from 1-10

1 being not ready at all and a 10 being very ready to significantly invest in a significant goal


Are you ready to COMMIT?

Ready to take control of your health now?